Accessing metrics

You access metrics through the Grafana UI. Grafana is the visualization tool for Prometheus.

  1. To open Grafana, enter the following command:
kubectl port-forward --namespace knative-monitoring $(kubectl get pods --namespace knative-monitoring --selector=app=grafana --output=jsonpath="{}") 3000
  • This starts a local proxy of Grafana on port 3000. For security reasons, the Grafana UI is exposed only within the cluster.
  1. Navigate to the Grafana UI at http://localhost:3000.

  2. Select the Home button on the top of the page to see the list of pre-installed dashboards (screenshot below): Knative Dashboards

The following dashboards are pre-installed with Knative Serving:

  • Revision HTTP Requests: HTTP request count, latency, and size metrics per revision and per configuration
  • Nodes: CPU, memory, network, and disk metrics at node level
  • Pods: CPU, memory, and network metrics at pod level
  • Deployment: CPU, memory, and network metrics aggregated at deployment level
  • Istio, Mixer and Pilot: Detailed Istio mesh, Mixer, and Pilot metrics
  • Kubernetes: Dashboards giving insights into cluster health, deployments, and capacity usage
  1. Set up an administrator account to modify or add dashboards by signing in with username: admin and password: admin.
  • Before you expose the Grafana UI outside the cluster, make sure to change the password.

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