Knative Serving Sample Applications

This directory contains sample applications, developed on Knative, to illustrate different use-cases and resources. See Knative serving to learn more about Knative Serving resources.

Name Description Languages
Hello World A quick introduction that highlights how to deploy an app using Knative Serving. C#, Go, Java, Kotlin, Node.js, PHP, Python, Ruby, Scala
Advanced Deployment Simple blue/green-like application deployment pattern illustrating the process of updating a live application without dropping any traffic. YAML
Autoscale A demonstration of the autoscaling capabilities of Knative. Go
Private Repo Build An example of deploying a Knative Serving Service using a Github deploy-key and a DockerHub image pull secret. Go
Buildpack for Applications A sample app that demonstrates using Cloud Foundry buildpacks on Knative Serving. .NET
Buildpack for Functions A sample function that demonstrates using Cloud Foundry buildpacks on Knative Serving. Node.js
Github Webhook A simple webhook handler that demonstrates interacting with Github. Go
gRPC A simple gRPC server. Go
Knative Routing An example of mapping multiple Knative services to different paths under a single domain name using the Istio VirtualService concept. Go
REST API A simple Restful service that exposes an endpoint defined by an environment variable described in the Knative Configuration. Go
Source to URL A sample that shows how to use Knative to go from source code in a git repository to a running application with a URL. Go
Telemetry This sample runs a simple web server that makes calls to other in-cluster services and responds to requests with “Hello World!”. The purpose of this sample is to show generating metrics, logs, and distributed traces. Go
Thumbnailer An example of deploying a “dockerized” application to Knative Serving which takes video URL as an input and generates its thumbnail image. Go
Traffic Splitting This samples builds off the Creating a RESTful Service sample to illustrate applying a revision, then using that revision for manual traffic splitting. YAML