gRPC server - Go

A simple gRPC server written in Go that you can use for testing.

This sample is dependent on this issue to be complete.


  1. Install Knative
  2. Install docker

Build and run the gRPC server

Build and run the gRPC server. This command will build the server and use kubectl to apply the configuration.


# Build and publish the container, run from the root directory.
docker build \
  --tag "${REPO}/serving/samples/grpc-ping-go" \
  --file=serving/samples/grpc-ping-go/Dockerfile .
docker push "${REPO}/serving/samples/grpc-ping-go"

# Replace the image reference with our published image.
perl -pi -e "${REPO}/serving/samples/grpc-ping-go@g" serving/samples/grpc-ping-go/*.yaml

# Deploy the Knative sample.
kubectl apply --filename serving/samples/grpc-ping-go/sample.yaml

Use the client to stream messages to the gRPC server

  1. Fetch the created ingress hostname and IP.
# Put the Host name into an environment variable.
export SERVICE_HOST=`kubectl get route grpc-ping --output jsonpath="{.status.domain}"`

# In Knative 0.2.x and prior versions, the `knative-ingressgateway` service was used instead of `istio-ingressgateway`.

# The use of `knative-ingressgateway` is deprecated in Knative v0.3.x.
# Use `istio-ingressgateway` instead, since `knative-ingressgateway`
# will be removed in Knative v0.4.
if kubectl get configmap config-istio -n knative-serving &> /dev/null; then

# Put the ingress IP into an environment variable.
export SERVICE_IP=`kubectl get svc $INGRESSGATEWAY --namespace istio-system --output jsonpath="{.status.loadBalancer.ingress[*].ip}"`
  1. Use the client to send message streams to the gRPC server.
go run -tags=grpcping ./serving/samples/grpc-ping-go/client/client.go -server_addr="$SERVICE_IP:80" -server_host_override="$SERVICE_HOST"